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7 Essential Tips for Performance Etiquette for Music Recitals

After decades of offering formal music lessons in Calgary at our Music School, we know the importance of building skills of performance. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or new to the stage, learning to connect and share by performing your music is an integral skill.

In this article, we are sharing 7 essential etiquette tips for music recitals.

7 Essential Etiquette Tips for Music Recitals

No matter what instrument you are learning, our regular formal recitals allow students to build important skills. This is often an experience of self-discovery as well as a memorable milestone in their musical development.

For those enrolled in our music classes in Calgary and attending a formal performance,  understanding appropriate music recital etiquette is most important.

Here are 7 Essential Etiquette Tips for Music Recitals:

1. Punctuality and Commitment

Arriving on time and staying for the entire music recital is crucial. It shows respect for the performers who are practicing their focus, and also for the rest of the audience who would like to enjoy the performances without distraction. If you are attending in the audience, remember that you are an active participant of the recital. It’s important that you stay for the entire recital, so that all performers benefit from a full and supportive audience.

2. Active Listening

Being an attentive audience member means engaging with each performance. The energy you share through this connection is vital, and it’s important to give your full attention to the performer. As music students, you deepen your appreciation of all music by actively listening to what you hear. For all of our students enrolled in our music classes in Calgary, it is an important experience to gain this audience engagement.

3. Acknowledgement Through Applause and Bowing

If you are participating as an audience member, it’s important to offer a round of applause before and after each performance. This is a simple yet powerful way to support the performers. For performers, bowing before and after the performance is your respectful acknowledgment of the audience as they offer you this applause. It’s a cherished tradition that enhances the professional atmosphere of the recital.

4. Careful and Considerate Movement

It’s important to sit still during the performance so as not to distract the performers. If you do need to move or take a bathroom break, make sure to do so discreetly and only in between performances during audience applause. This helps maintain the focus on the performers and respects other audience members’ experience.

Note: If there is an emergent situation (such as an infant crying), this is an exception. In cases such as this you should quickly and quietly remove yourself to quiet the disruption as soon as possible.

5. Recording with Respect and Silencing Devices

Recording of student performances should only be of the person you’re there to support. When recording, be mindful of others and make sure that your recording equipment does not distract or block the view of the audience. This allows you to record while still respecting the privacy and rights of all artists. Similarly, all devices such as phones or camcorders should be set to silent with flashes turned off to make sure they do not cause any distractions.

6. Inviting Friends and Family

As a member of our Morin Music Studio community we welcome you to invite all friends and family to enjoy our student recitals. A supportive crowd is invaluable for performers – so, the more the merrier! Their attendance allows them to build their confidence and test their skills in a friendly environment of support. There is no admission fee to our student recitals, and we invite you to extend this invitation to any family and friends that you feel would enjoy.

7. Appropriate Attire

Dressing at a minimum of smart-casual respects both the performers and the event. Avoid overly casual wear, opting instead for attire that is respectful yet comfortable. As performers, remember that your performance includes the visual components of how you present yourself on stage. As audience members, your attire represents your participation in the occasion as well.

This article has summarized 7 essential etiquette tips for participating in music recitals.

In our music classes in Calgary, student recitals are a core component that students work towards each year. By practicing this etiquette, you enhance the supportive and growth-oriented nature of these performances.

You can learn more about the many benefits of participating in formal music recitals in our article, Student Recitals: Harmonizing Skills and Confidence.

Creating a positive environment that reflects the hard work and dedication of all involved. Your contribution as an audience member is invaluable in fostering a nurturing atmosphere for the blossoming talents nurtured through their music lessons in Calgary.

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Serving thousands of students each year through our Calgary and Global Online programs, we aim to innovate approaches to music education while celebrating the rich traditions of classical musical training.

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