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Morin Music Studio launched Morin Music Online in 2018 to extend the reach of formal music education around the world. 

Our world-class professional faculty recognizes the need to make high-quality music instruction accessible for all, and offers interactive Private Online Lessons in real-time to youth and adult of all skill levels through this platform.

OUR APPROACH to Music Lessons Online

Step 1

We guide you to identify your unique learning goals to create a customized learning plan

Step 2

Schedule consecutive lessons to support and guide your training based on your goals

Step 3

Sign-in to meet with your instructor at scheduled lesson times through our online platform for professional guidance and support

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"I am extremely pleased with the progress that the boys have made this year, as I feel the online lessons are equally as effective as in-person instruction. These online lessons are so enjoyable for our family that the kids really look forward to their lessons, and probably even prefer them over in-person studio lessons."

Denise C.


Ready to work with Carmen to bring your playing to the next level?

Executive Director Carmen Morin’s signature systems are tailored with the individual experience in mind.

Proven results helping students around the world to realize their full musical potential.

Build a solid foundation and learn the tools of classical piano technique to apply to all styles of music.


An exclusive piano program and lesson experience available only to graduates of Piano Foundation Formula.

Learn with professional individualized guidance

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Choose just the classes you need, or build an all-inclusive package

Beginner Piano Course

This free beginner download includes all of your basic piano chords to get you started playing literally THOUSANDS of songs.

Private Online Instrumental Lessons

Private Online Lessons are available for all instruments, with three suggested options for enrollment.
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Music Theory Courses

Benefit from the flexibility of self-directed online learning without sacrificing the quality of teacher guidance and support.
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Advanced Harmony, History and Composition

Our instructors are qualified to teach music harmony, history and composition to the advanced levels. Connect with specialized instructors to reach advanced goals.
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Parent Support

Parent involvement is most important to set students up for success. Stretch the value of your child's lessons with effective tips and proven tools to incorporate at home.

Teacher Training

Practical guides in pedagogy, teacher training and certification. Studio and business management as well as guidance in marketing and management can be found here.
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Online Community

Students in online music lessons gain support through having a community of instructors and like-minded students as the progress and pursue their music education.

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