The Crescendo Kids program is Morin Music Studio’s Early Childhood Music program for students ages 0-5 years. Rooted in the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, students gain confidence by experiencing the natural joy and fun of music-making while also gaining knowledge and develop skills in their musical education.


A primary goal of the Suzuki Method is for children to thrive in an environment of consistent support. Students in the Crescendo Kids program sing, move and have fun while developing confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and concentration.

Skills in each class are age-appropriate and developed through a combination of singing, instrument playing, creative movement, and musical games and activities.

Learn more about our 3-tiered program below:

Table list of Class times

Crescendo Kids Schedule
Session 1 : February 2019 - June 2019

Day Time Class Age
Monday 9:30-10:30am Suzuki ECE 0-3yrs
Monday 10:45-11:30am Crescendo Level 1 3-4yrs
Monday 12:30-1:30pm Suzuki ECE 0-3yrs
Tuesday 9:30-10:30am Suzuki ECE 0-3yrs
Tuesday 10:45-11:30am Crescendo Level 1 0-3yrs
Tuesday 1:00-1:45pm Crescendo Level 1 3-4yrs
Wednesday 10:45-11:45am Suzuki ECE 0-3yrs
Wednesday 12:15-1:00pm Crescendo Level 1 3-4yrs
Wednesday 1:15-2:15pm Suzuki ECE 0-3yrs
Saturday 9:30-10:30am Suzuki ECE 0-3yrs
Saturday 10:45-11:30am Crescendo Level 1 3-4yrs
Saturday 11:45-12:30pm Crescendo Level 2 4-5yrs
Saturday 1:00-2:00pm Suzuki ECE 0-3yrs
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Crescendo Kids Tuition Fees

Class Level Total Fees per Semester (5-months)
Suzuki ECE $350
Crescendo Level 1 $360
Crescndo Level 2 $375

*Total fees are inclusive of all associated costs, including 5-month semester of class instruction, supply and registration fees*

  • “Our children have received excellent music instruction at Morin Music Studio. Thanks to the wonderful teachers, our kids have a love of music and a strong musical background which they will enjoy for their whole lives.”

    ~Geeta T., Mom of Kevin and Alix

  • “We enrolled our daughter in Suzuki ECE when she was 7 months old and she has continued into Crescendo kids as she has aged. The structured nature of the classes have taught her discipline and patience as well as nurtured her appreciation for music. Through repetition she has learned many songs and loves playing the instruments. She started off shy and unsure but her confidence continues to grow with each class. She comes home from music class and is excited to teach her stuffed animals what she has learned that week!”

    ~Tam H., Mom of Quinn

  • “As parents, there are many criteria to consider when we chose a piano teacher for our children: qualification, personality, teaching philosophy or approach, track record, studio environment, and so on.

    All of the above are key to cultivate children’s solid piano fundamental skills and develop their love of music. We believe music helps children’s emotional and behaviour development. After the first interview with Carmen, we were certain we found the right teacher and transferred our children here. Now our two boys have successfully finished the third year in the studio and we are happy we made the right decision.

    It is quite easy to find a teacher who is patient and always praise the student for their progress or a teacher who is rigorous about achieving high standard and targets, but it is not easy to find a teacher like Carmen who has both of the attributes. She will ensure the students not only have fun but also accomplish any goal they set for themselves.”

    ~Jing and Dahai D., Parents of Alex and Steven

  • “My daughters have been students at Morin Music for the past year and we are absolutely thrilled with the experience. They both countdown to the day of their class each week and have so much fun there. My only regret is not starting them even earlier. The studio is bright, beautiful and welcoming and the instructors are playful, genuine, and effective at teaching the kids in a way that resonates with them. I look forward to having my girls continue to learn and develop their musical literacy. I would recommend Morin Music Studio to anyone looking for quality musical instruction”

    ~Sandy G., Mom of Emaan and Aikam

  • “Our three children have been students at Morin Music Studio for the past 4 years. We are absolutely thrilled with how much they have learned and how they have grown as musicians!

    The teachers at Morin Music Studio are professional and very knowledgeable. They strive for excellence with their students and we have been amazed at the growth each of our children has shown over the time they have been there. We thoroughly enjoy the recitals that the Studio puts on and are so proud of watching our children perform with confidence and skill.

    Morin Music Studio is an exceptional experience and we feel grateful to be a part of it!”

    ~Shauna H. – Mom of Jennie, Victor and Maggie