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Crescendo Kids Music Program

The Crescendo Kids music program is Morin Music’s Early Childhood Music program for Preschool and Primary Students (ages 0-6yrs)

Students gain confidence by experiencing the natural joy and fun of music-making while also laying a solid foundation and knowledge of music theory.


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There are Two Ways to Join:

  • Live Weekly Classes - Students can join the program by attending weekly live classes at our studio location in Calgary, Alberta
  • Online Curriculum - Families can follow the weekly Crescendo Kids Curriculum online and have lifetime access. Classes can be viewed and repeated at anytime from home

The Next Session Begins:

September 2020

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Hear what our Students Say

"“We enrolled our daughter in Suzuki ECE when she was 7 months old and she has continued into Crescendo kids as she has aged.

The structured nature of the classes have taught her discipline and patience as well as nurtured her appreciation for music.

Through repetition she has learned many songs and loves playing the instruments. She started off shy and unsure but her confidence continues to grow with each class.

She comes home from music class and is excited to teach her stuffed animals what she has learned that week!”

Tam H. - Mom of Quinn


Core Principles of Crescendo Kids Classes

  • Every Child Can Learn. The same way we have faith that all children can learn to communicate through their mother-tongue, we know that all children can learn the musical language. Using the 'music-as-language' approach, students develop skills with incremental practice and with the support of their teachers and families.

  • Ability Develops Early. Talent education and the lifelong learning begins at age 0. Students build invaluable neural pathways through their repeated experiences throughout life, with rapid growth and development during Early Childhood. We know there is an invaluable window of learning and development during the preschool and primary school years that can lay the foundation for future confidence and learning 

  • Repetition is The Mother of All Learning. We know that children build confidence and internalize knowledge by learning in layers. As opposed to a 'teach and move on' approach, Crescendo Kids curriculum promotes deep learning by allowing students to explore fundamentals in several contexts.

  • Success Breeds Success. Our curriculum emphasizes thorough mastery at each layer to build upon with the next. When we observe how character and talent is formed, we know that each step of accomplishment strengthens your position and confidence to move to the next.

  • Encouragement is Essential. The reward of encouragement that the children receive from a supportive parent or adult will speed the learning and allow the child to experience success. Encouragement and support at each step of the learning process must be the fundamental reward of success throughout the learning experience.

  • Musicality precedes Musical Literacy. Our students learn music through the 'music-as-language" approach. Just as a child will first learn to speak and experience something before learning to read and write it, our classes follow this same natural learning approach by first experiencing the concept before expanding to