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Private instruction

The private music lesson program at Morin Music Studio in Calgary consists mainly of the weekly private instruction itself, but also includes regular performance opportunities such as group masterclasses, as well as two formal recitals throughout each school year.

What to expect

What to expect

The beauty of private music lessons is that they can be customized for each individual student’s needs, challenges, and desires. The repertoire and pace of each student’s private lessons will be tailored by their music teacher to suit each student’s unique background, level of commitment, and music learning goals.
Each student’s personal goals are discussed and clarified when first beginning private lessons with our area Calgary music teachers, and will continue to evolve throughout the course of study. Our Calgary music studio’s philosophy empowers each professional music instructor to let their own personalities and music teaching styles benefit their students to the fullest. The instructors offer a warm and encouraging music training environment while fostering a goal-oriented structure, maximizing both the educational benefit and enjoyment of every student’s music education journey.
We offer

We offer lessons

We currently offer lessons in: piano, guitar, voice, cello, violin, clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone, as well as our Suzuki Piano Program and Suzuki Guitar Program for students aged 3 and up. In addition, we also offer music theory, history, composition and musicology lessons.

Performance is an integral part of private music training, and requires a unique skill set all its own.

Ample opportunity for performance in both formal and informal settings is of utmost importance, fostering self-confidence and poise, as well as resilience and comfort in music performance settings.


Performance prep/ masterclasses

Throughout the school year, music students of all disciplines, ages, and levels may participate in performance prep/masterclasses with their peers. In taking advantage of these masterclass sessions, students can fine tune their performance skills and etiquette in a more relaxed environment. This is a less formal setting than recital performances at the end of each semester, and often serve as an invaluable “test-run” with classmates before performing in front of extended family and friends.
In these classes, students have the opportunity to discuss and practice proper performance etiquette (both as performers and audience members), as well as to develop their critical listening skills. Students learn to offer both praise and constructive feedback to their classmates based on their own music knowledge and training, as well as with help from the masterclass teacher.
In this unique setting, students also receive a mini-lesson and brief feedback from the masterclass teacher. Students will learn not only from the feedback they receive, but also by offering and listening to feedback offered to their classmates.
These collaborative music classes tend to be great motivators for the students. Participation allows them to observe and work with other students of many different learning levels, and to form connections with an extended group of students and teachers within the studio community.

Formal music recital opportunities

Our Calgary music students have the opportunity to perform in two formal recitals throughout the school year. These recitals take place at the end of each 5-month semester (January and June) and coincide with the two primary RCM examination sessions.
These music recitals are a chance for the students to perform on stage, and for the entire studio community to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of every student. Whether it be students who have played for a decade or who are performing for the very first time, these formal recitals are a celebration of their consistent hard work, perseverance, practice and dedication as well as the enjoyment and sharing of their music.
Students of all levels and ages have the chance to perform and share with their fellow classmates, as well as an audience of family and friends who are supportive and enthusiastic of each student’s journey.
These are a highlight that Morin Music Studio looks forward to throughout the year and are lots of fun with wonderful memories made for our young performers!
How to determine the length of your weekly lesson
Lesson lengths can be increased based on the age, maturity, motivation and development of each student. Students who wish to attend lessons more than once each week can do so with director and instructor approval.
The below lesson lengths are the required minimum for students working towards Conservatory or Standardized examinations in the academic school year schedule.
Co-requisite Theory examination preparation is to be scheduled outside of practice lesson time, with details of required music theory courses in Canada listed here.
Morin Music Studio Private Instruction programs prepares musicians for a lifelong love of the musical language. Private instruction is considered the gold standard of formal musical training as it allows students to refine their skills and learn and progress based on their on unique learning needs. Students in the Private Instruction Program at Morin Music hone their skills and build confidence through private tailored instruction, performance preparation classes, and formal concert opportunities.
The Faculty of Morin Music Studio boasts many of Alberta’s leading professional musicians.

Standard faculty

Our Standard Faculty make up the majority of our teaching team and boasts many of Alberta’s leading professional musicians. All have a minimum University level formal music education or specialized teacher certification, and join our faculty with no less than 5 years of private teaching experience.
Formal education and a high level of training is required from our instructors. We also believe that a dynamic personality with a passion for sharing the love of music is of utmost importance. Our instructors believe in the joy of making music, and are able to adapt to the learning styles of a wide variety of students in order to cultivate positive relationships and learning environments for their students.

Senior faculty

Our Senior Instructors have a minimum of 30 years teaching experience, and work mainly with students who are wish to focus on intensive musical training. Their students have been consistently recognized at the provincial and national level in competition and they are highly experienced with working with students of various ages and learning styles.

*Please note that students enrolling with Senior Instructors are accepted by audition only.*