*Student Spotlight* Congratulations to Kevin Tucker for Completion of his Grade 10 RCM Piano Exam!

Student Spotlight – Kevin Tucker
Congratulations for the completion of your RCM Grade 10 Piano Examination!

We love to celebrate the achievements of all of our students, and also to acknowledge them when they reach big milestones and goals they’ve had in place for for their studies!

With this, we would like to acknowledge our student Kevin Tucker (16 years old) who has successfully completed his Grade 10 Royal Conservatory Examination in Piano this past school year.

To celebrate his accomplishment we have shared some fun facts about his journey so far in music:

Q: What age did you begin lessons?
A: I began lessons when I was 4 years old

Q: Outside of your piano studies, what are some of your other musical interests?
A: Aside from Calgary Performance / Kiwanis Festival and APTA Festival for Piano, I also enjoy playing the trombone.

I am a member of four bands at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir: Senior Band, Senior Jazz Band, Jazz Combo which plays at STS parent and student events, and the Pit Band for the school musical (this year it’s Legally Blonde).

With piano I am also known around the school as the “go-to-guy” for the National Anthem for school assemblies. Last year, I was a member of the Calgary Round-up Band and toured all over Alberta performing in events such as the Calgary Stampede and Spruce Meadows Show Jumping events.

Q: What are your other interests outside of music?

A: I am very interested in the outdoors and enjoy hiking, backpacking, and canoeing and am in the leadership program at YMCA Camp Chief Hector.
In the winter, I am a freestyle skier with the Rocky Mountain Freeriders and you can find me throwing tricks and getting big air at Lake Louise each weekend.

Q: Now that you’ve completed Grade 10, what are your future goals for music?

A: I am continuing my lessons and now pursuing my Piano Associate’s Diploma (ARCT) with RCM. I am also taking IB music at STS which involves studying music theory along with performance. I hope that I will always play either piano or trombone in some kind of band.  I also plan to take engineering in University in a couple of years.

Congratulations again to Kevin for this accomplishment. Best wishes to all of our students towards reaching their musical goals, as well as to those participating in their own Royal Conservatory Examinations!



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