Shannon Wong

Congratulations to our student, Shannon Wong for a very successful past school year and on her many accomplishments!

This past school year, 12 year old Shannon received top honours in the Calgary Performing Arts Festival; was chosen as a finalist and award 3rd place in the Steinway Junior Piano Competition; was chosen from over 200 students by the Royal Conservatory of Music to perform in Calgary’s Wonderland showcase; was selected from international students into the prestigious Cleveland International Piano Competition Preparatory Summer program.

Hear more about her musical journey in her student spotlight below:

Student Spotlight: Shannon Wong

Teacher: Carmen Morin

Age: 12 years old

When did you begin learning the piano?
Three years ago.

What is something that you love about music?
Its emotional yet relaxing properties.

What have you learned about yourself through your music lessons? 
Music lessons taught me the art of perseverance and that the interpretation of music is never set in stone.

What is your happiest memory that involves music?
Whenever I see children’s eyes light up when I play and when someone comes to me and tells me my piece brings back special memories of their childhood.

Why do you think music is important?
Because it allows us to open up to others in a special way that does not require speaking. Music creates bonds between others and is a sense of pride, accomplishment, and confidence for all players alike!

Name one musical goal you would like to achieve:
To play with an orchestra in the next 2 years.

“It is a true pleasure to teach Shannon and I am thankful to have the role of teacher in her musical development. It is inspiring to see her genuine love of music, and the way her music has been a constant means of creativity and expression throughout her life. I am so proud of all the growth she has demonstrated these past years, and of all of her ongoing accomplishments. Congratulations Shannon!”
– Carmen Morin, Shannon’s Piano Instructor