Information for Student Recitals on January 20th and 28th

The Winter Student Recitals are nearly here! Tomorrow, January 20th and on Monday January 28th, throughout 8 jam-packed performances we will celebrate the accomplishments of our students and teachers so far this school year. We look forward to two fun-filled days of joy and music-making!

At this point all students who are performing have received the details of their performance time and location.

A reminder for those who are performing tomorrow, January 20th that there will be no scheduled lessons tomorrow on Sunday, January 20th as per the studio calendar.

Please find below information for tomorrow’s performances that include student check-in at arrivals, what to expect, and parking etc. We will be there tomorrow to of course answer any questions you have, but here is important information for you to know in advance:

When:Each family of students performing has received individual notices via email of recital time. Start times of concerts have been sent out individually, and each concert will run approximately 1.25 hours from the time it begins. Please note that we have 7 back-to-back concerts running tomorrow, and 1 concert on Monday January 28th. Although we ask that you be on time, please know that you will not be able to enter the theatre until shortly before your scheduled performance begins.As this is the first session that we have required two days for recitals, please be sure to double check the date as well as time that you are assigned to perform. Where: All student recitals tomorrow on January 20th will take place at the Engineered Air Theatre at Arts Commons. The full address for Arts Commons is 205 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K9 and the Engineered Air Theatre is located in the basement of Arts Commons.

For a map of Arts Commons to find the Engineered Air Theatre as well as parking information, please CLICK HEREWhat to do when you arrive:1) Check in at the door to the theatre upon arrivalIf you are performing, please make sure to check in at the desk at the door of the theatre and sign in so that they we know you have arrived and are ready to perform.2) Find your seats in the Theatre, and make sure you find your name on the program so you know when it will be your turn!Choose where you would like to sit on either the main floor or the balcony of the theatre (there is not assigned seating). Then make sure you have found your name on the program so that you know when to come backstage and you don’t miss your turn.3) Remember when to come backstageRemembering to only move from your seats in between performances during applause, students should come backstage from their seats when it is 5 performers away from your turn (make sure you find your spot so that we don’t miss you!). *If you are in the first 5 performers you will be sent backstage before the concert begins.*4) Enjoy your performance Have fun sharing your music with your teachers, classmates, friends and family who are all there to support you!5) Attendance is for the entire recital.Remember that having an audience there for your performance is a big part of what makes it so special for the students. Make sure you respect your fellow classmates and their preparation by staying for the entire concert and reviewing the concert etiquette information below.  It is important that all of the performers have equal enthusiastic and respectful audience members to share their music with. Students performing are expected to attend for the remainder of the concert as audience members.Reminders of Concert Etiquette

  • Please be punctual – It can be quite disruptive for performers as well as audience members for latecomers to arrive. If you cannot avoid arriving late, please remember to enter only in between performances when you hear applause.
  • Remain attentive and quiet during performances – As musicians, we know first hand the hard work and preparation that is involved when preparing for performance. Please give your undivided attention to the performers and refrain from talking or causing distractions to the performer or other audience members.
  • Do not Enter or Leave the Theatre during a student performance unless absolutely necessary – As we understand there will be many young students in the audience, if they do require breaks from sitting quietly please try your best to leave or enter the auditorium only in between student performances unless absolutely necessary.
  • Stay for the entire Recital – Please remember that it is a disservice to the students scheduled to perform if audience members and their guests of those who have already performed leave partway through the recital.  Learning to sit still throughout performances such as these are an excellent opportunity for them to develop their listening skills as audience members and also to increase motivation and enjoyment by their classmates perform.
  • Cell Phones, Photography or Video recordings – To honour all those performing, cell phones should be used for photography/recording purposes only. Please put away your cell phones for reasons outside of this and ensure all notifications are turned off.  Please record only your own child’s performance and when doing so, please do your best to do so without blocking or distracting fellow audience members.
  • HAVE FUN!! – The students have all been working so hard in preparation to be able to share their music with each other. Please bring lots of smiles and enthusiastic rounds of applause as we celebrate the results of all of their hard work 🙂

We will be there with any questions you have tomorrow but hope that this can be helpful information in advance. We thank you for your patience as we have 7 jam-packed concerts scheduled tomorrow, with the 8th on January 28th. We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone all of the music made so far this school year!

See you soon,Carmen Morin

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