Recital Signup

Recital Signup is NOW CLOSED – See you at the student performances!

Join us on Sunday, January 20th and added date of Monday, January 28th to celebrate the music and accomplishments of our students in our their first formal performances of the school year!

Student performances will take place at the Engineered Air Theatre in Arts Commons in several separate performances throughout the day.

To sign-up to perform, please choose from one of the performance times below then you will receive confirmation via direct email.

Please note that the below performance time signup is for Instrumental Students Only. 

Crescendo Kids, Choir and Ensemble performers will have their performance times assigned to them via direct email.

Before you sign up as an instrumental student below, a few things to consider…

  1. Please ensure that you have double checked all spelling and confirmed your performance selection details with your instructor before signing up, as the information entered on your signup form will be what is printed on the performance program.
  2. Please check the dropdown menu below each performance time to see what performances your instructor is scheduled to attend. Students are welcome to signup for any of the scheduled concerts throughout the day, but please know that your teacher may not be available to listen/attend if you signup for a performance that they are not scheduled for.
  3. Once you have completed your signup, you can consider yourself booked! You will receive a confirmation email with your specific concert time, then all other information will be sent out to everyone through general email. In the event that a performance gets quickly overbooked you will be contacted directly to make alternative arrangements, otherwise there is not need to follow up or confirm further.

Students performances are such a positive and rewarding experience an we look so forward to another fun day of making music with you all!

Sunday, January 20th
Engineered Air Theatre | Arts Commons

9:30am Performance Full
11:00am Performance FULL
12:30pm Performance FULL
2:00pm Performance Full
3:30pm Performance Full
5:00pm Performance Full
6:30pm Performance Full

Monday, January 28th
Cardel Theatre

As all of our student performances on Sunday, January 20th have filled we are so happy to be adding an additional day of student performances!

Join us at another one of our favourite venues, The Cardel Theatre on Monday, January 28th. As this is the first time we have had to add an additional day due to our increasing enrolment, please note that there are no teachers listed in this evenings performance as there will be lessons scheduled for some students.

All of our students are welcome to register and your teachers will be notified and welcome to attend if they are available and not in lessons.