Private Instruction Tuition Fees

Morin Music Studio Private Instruction programs prepares musicians for a lifelong love of the musical language. Private instruction is considered the gold standard of formal musical training as it allows students to refine their skills and learn and progress based on their on unique learning needs.  Students in the Private Instruction Program at Morin Music hone their skills and build confidence through private tailored instruction, performance preparation classes, and formal concert opportunities. 

The Faculty of Morin Music Studio boasts many of Alberta's leading professional musicians and lessons are offered at three levels to offer options for all students and families. 

At each level, our team of instructors all share a passion for sharing the gift of music education. All instructors have reached a high level of training themselves,  and place importance on bringing joy to music making by adapting to the needs of each individual student.

Tuition fees are based on the length of the weekly lesson, and the flat monthly fee is accompanied by our studio calendar which allows for the equal billing throughout the school year. The monthly fee includes the cost of the weekly private lessons as well as all performance preparation classes, community concerts and formal performances. 

Lesson lengths can be increased based on the age, maturity, motivation and development of each student. Students who wish to attend lessons more than once each week can do so with director and instructor approval.

The below lesson lengths are the required minimum for students working towards Conservatory or Standardized examinations in the academic school year schedule.

Co-requisite Theory examination preparation is to be scheduled outside of practice lesson time, with details of required music theory courses in Canada listed here.

Junior Instructor Tuition Fees

Lesson Length In-Studio/Online Instruction In-Home Instruction
30 minutes weekly 114/month 134/month
45 minutes weekly 171/month 201/month
60 minutes weekly 228/month 268/month

Standard Faculty Tuition Fees

Lesson Length In-Studio/Online Instruction In-Home Instruction
30 minutes weekly 134/month 154/month
45 minutes weekly 201/month 231/month
60 minutes weekly 268/month 308/month

Senior Instructor Tuition Fees

Lesson Length In-Studio Instruction
Determined by audition only Please contact studio for tuition rates

Homeschool and Alternative Ed Tuition

Lesson Length In-Studio | Mon-Thurs 10am-3pm
30 minutes weekly 114/month
45 minutes weekly 171/month
60 minutes weekly 228/month

The above fees can be paid by monthly payments through the studio's automatic payment system, or lump-sum as detailed below. Registration for the entire school year is required at the time of registration, although there is a 4-week cancellation policy in case of change of circumstance.

Payment Options:

Option 1: Monthly Instalments

Tuition fees can be submitted in monthly instalments throughout the school year. If paying by monthly instalments, a completed studio Pre-Authorized Payment form for monthly payments (September-June) is required to complete registration. If lessons begin part way through a scheduled month, fees will be pro-rated appropriately. If submitting tuition in monthly instalments, an annual registration fee of $30 per student (limit 2 per family) is due at the time of registration.

Option 2: Lump-Sum payment for the school year

A lump sum payment can be made for the entire lesson year. In this case the registration fee is waived and lump-sum fees are to be paid at the time of registration. Lump-sum payments can be submitted via cheque, email transfer or credit card payment. (Please note 3% Credit Card Processing fee applied for online registration)

Register for Private Instruction
  • "Our children have received excellent music instruction at Morin Music Studio. Thanks to the wonderful teachers, our kids have a love of music and a strong musical background which they will enjoy for their whole lives.”

    ~Geeta T., Mom of Kevin and Alix
  • "We enrolled our daughter in Suzuki ECE when she was 7 months old and she has continued into Crescendo kids as she has aged. The structured nature of the classes have taught her discipline and patience as well as nurtured her appreciation for music. Through repetition she has learned many songs and loves playing the instruments. She started off shy and unsure but her confidence continues to grow with each class. She comes home from music class and is excited to teach her stuffed animals what she has learned that week!"

    ~Tam H., Mom of Quinn
  • “As parents, there are many criteria to consider when we chose a piano teacher for our children: qualification, personality, teaching philosophy or approach, track record, studio environment, and so on. All of the above are key to cultivate children’s solid piano fundamental skills and develop their love of music. We believe music helps children’s emotional and behaviour development. After the first interview with Carmen, we were certain we found the right teacher and transferred our children here. Now our two boys have successfully finished the third year in the studio and we are happy we made the right decision. It is quite easy to find a teacher who is patient and always praise the student for their progress or a teacher who is rigorous about achieving high standard and targets, but it is not easy to find a teacher like Carmen who has both of the attributes. She will ensure the students not only have fun but also accomplish any goal they set for themselves.”

    ~Jing and Dahai D., Parents of Alex and Steven
  • “My daughters have been students at Morin Music for the past year and we are absolutely thrilled with the experience. They both countdown to the day of their class each week and have so much fun there. My only regret is not starting them even earlier. The studio is bright, beautiful and welcoming and the instructors are playful, genuine, and effective at teaching the kids in a way that resonates with them. I look forward to having my girls continue to learn and develop their musical literacy. I would recommend Morin Music Studio to anyone looking for quality musical instruction”

    ~Sandy G., Mom of Emaan and Aikam
  • “Our three children have been students at Morin Music Studio for the past 4 years. We are absolutely thrilled with how much they have learned and how they have grown as musicians! The teachers at Morin Music Studio are professional and very knowledgeable. They strive for excellence with their students and we have been amazed at the growth each of our children has shown over the time they have been there. We thoroughly enjoy the recitals that the Studio puts on and are so proud of watching our children perform with confidence and skill. Morin Music Studio is an exceptional experience and we feel grateful to be a part of it!”

    ~Shauna H. – Mom of Jennie, Victor and Maggie