Congratulations to our our 21-day Habit Builder Participants!

A BIG congratulations to all of our students who successfully completed our October 21-day “Habit Builder” Challenge!

Last month, we challenged our students to kick off their school year by building positive practice habits and make sure that their practice becomes a consistent part of their daily routine.

We challenged students to see if they could practice every day for 21 days solid (NO BREAKS, and NO DAYS OFF!) and to track their hard work using their practice log. 

Please join us in celebrating the following students who reached their goal! Students, your teachers will have something to recognize you at your next scheduled lesson:) 

  • Inderneil Brar
  • Byron Brown
  • Bellina Fatica
  • Maria Fatica
  • Romeo Fatica
  • Mila Guim
  • Siena Kim
  • Abby King
  • Nolan Liu
  • Michelle Mah
  • Bray Nelson
  • Falak Nizami
  • Cameron Presto
  • Vanessa Rai
  • Mia Soska
  • Nicholas Soska
  • Alyssa Tai
  • Ryan Tai

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