Mia Soska

Student Spotlight: Mia Soska

Teacher: Heather Byford

When did you begin learning your instrument(s)?
I have been playing piano for about 5 years and singing for over 4 years.

What is something that you love about music?
I love the calming effects of music.

What have you learned about yourself through your music lessons? 
I have learned that I can persevere through any challenge and that I can clearly show many different types of characters or emotions when I sing or play the piano.

What is your happiest memory that involves music?
I remember being very happy after my very first recital playing in front of all of those people.

Why do you think music is important?
I believe music is important because of how it can bring people together and the way that you can communicate emotions through it.

Name one musical goal you would like to achieve:
A goal I would like to achieve this year is to master my level 3 scales and pass my grade 4 voice exam.

Mia demonstrates impressive dedication to both her instruments. Her diligent work habits and creative interpretations of her repertoire show that she is developing a well rounded musicianship and her positive attitude makes her a pleasure to teach.”
– Heather Byford, Mia’s Instructor