8 Important Reminders for Student Recitals

It’s that time! Some of our favourite days of the school year are for our Student Recitals.
We will hear our students share their music and support them on stage. We will support them as they stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone to perform in front of their peers, and facilitate the growth that will come to them each time they experience one of these performances as well as the power of connecting to others through music.

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We have several Student Recitals over the course of this weekend, many of them running back to back. Student recitals are where the students learn appropriate concert etiquette, that they will be able to observe in concert settings.
Friends and family members are welcome to attend and there are no associated ticket costs, however we do ask that you share the key points below with all guests attending.

1) What time to arrive?
Please arrive 10 minutes early in order to find your seats as we will aim to begin each recital on time for all recitals to be about one hour in length. If you arrive early and the previous recital is still running, please wait until your recital session begins to enter the hall.

2) Please be punctual. If you arrive late, DO NOT enter during performance.

Please be punctual – It can be quite disruptive for performers as well as audience members for latecomers to arrive. If you cannot avoid arriving late, please remember to enter only in between performances.  

3) Check in with your Teacher, Find your name on the program, then take your seat – the show is about to begin!

Before you find your seat, make sure that you check in with your teacher so that they know you have arrived. In the event that you have signed up for a recital that your teacher is not scheduled to attend, please check-in with Carmen.

Once you have checked in, the show will be ready to begin! Students will be called up from the audience when it is their turn on the program then sent back to their seats with a snack treat:) (REMINDER don’t open or eat it until after you’ve left!)

4) What is the Dress Code?
Students are welcome to dress as formally as they like to celebrate the occasion. There is a minimum of dressy casual and students are there to present to their audience (No ripped jeans or sneakers tends to be a good guideline).

5) Your role is as a performer AND as an audience member

Remain attentive and quiet during performances – As musicians, students know first hand the hard work and preparation that is involved when preparing for performance. Please give your undivided attention to the performers and refrain from talking or causing distractions to the performer or other audience members.  

Do not Enter or Leave the hall during a student performance unless absolutely necessary – If you are attending with young family members, you are welcome to sit towards the back of the hall. If they do require breaks from sitting quietly please try your best to leave or enter the auditorium only in between student performances unless absolutely necessary.

6) Students performing must stay for the entire recital

Performers are expected to stay for the entire Recital. Please remember that it is a disservice to classmates if previous performers and their guests leave partway through the recital. We do make efforts to keep the performances short (approximately one hour in length) as we recognize that younger students may have a shorter attention span.  Learning to sit still throughout performances such as these are an excellent opportunity for them to develop their listening skills as audience members and also to increase motivation and enjoyment by hearing their classmates perform.

Remember that if your classmates and their guests supported you as audience members during your performance, it is important for you to do them same and listen to theirs!

7) Photography or Video Recordings.

Photography or Video recordings – Please record only your own child’s performance and when doing so, please do your best to do so without blocking or distracting fellow audience members.  


HAVE FUN!! – The students have all been working so hard in preparation to be able to share their music with each other. Please bring lots of smiles and enthusiastic rounds of applause as we celebrate the results of all of their hard work 🙂

Please be in touch with any questions that come to mind at all, and we can’t wait to see everyone for what is sure to be a very fun weekend of student performances!

Warmest regards,

Carmen Morin

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