Carmen Morin with Global Radio 770 CHQR

Thank you to Andrew Schultz and Sue Deyell for having our director Carmen Morin on air to discuss Online Music Lessons. We chatted about everything from online music education, how we made the switch and how we are navigating the transition as a local small business.

Morin Music made the timely decision in 2018 to launch online lessons with This initiative began when Carmen recognized the need for access to formal music training in regions where specialized teachers are not available.  At that time, no one had foreseen the need for remote learning that would arise during the Covid-19 pandemic. Online Music Lessons

With over 900 students at the studio, the team and faculty quickly pivoted over a short period to move all of their programs online during Calgary’s self-isolation. This has allowed teachers and students to continue doing what they love while offering creativity, education and structure to the students who have experienced upheaval in all other areas of their lives.

Since making the transition, there have also been a growing number of students participating in lessons from Eastern Canada and as far as Qatar.
Additionally, when the Covid pandemic struck they also made all of their internal Online Teacher Training free and available to the public to use free of charge, to support the greater teaching community and help other teachers establish their online teaching studios as well.

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