Whether you come from a musical background or are new to the world of musical study, here are some most frequently asked questions

Instrumental Program FAQ’s

Any time in life is a great time to start! As each student and family lifestyle is unique, there is no “correct” age to begin private lessons, but rather this depends on the level of development of the child as well as the goals of each family and student.

Formal instrumental lessons at Morin Music begin for students as young as 3 years old. Students learning at this age learn in a direct way with our faculty members who are highly experienced teaching instrumental lessons to young students. 

From ages 3 to 93, our programs are appropriate for students of all levels and ages. The majority of young students will begin their lessons between ages 5-6 years old, but since our programs are all based on private formal instruction each lesson program is tailored to each student’s age, level of development and goals. 

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of disciplines for formal study. If you have your heart set on beginning with a certain instrument, that’s great news!

If you are unsure of what instrument to pursue, piano can be a great place to start as it is generally considered a foundational instrument. 

Beginning with piano training will allow students to learn to read from the grand staff, coordinate both hands to simultaneously perform multiple lines of music. A great deal of the skills that they develop with this foundation will apply to any instrument they later choose to pursue, and will help them to more easily transfer to a single-lined instrument as well.

The mindset of daily practice, study habits and musicianship will transfer across the instruments so you can rest assured that any skills developed while building a foundation will be able to transfer should a student decide to switch instruments down the road. 

Instrumental students attend weekly private lessons, the length of which is determined by each student’s age, level of skill and program goals.

For our young beginners attending lessons as young as 3 years old, lessons will be 15 minutes in length to begin. Often within the first month or two their attention span allows for the lesson to be increased to 30 minutes weekly.

Generally, beginner students (preparatory – Grade 3 RCM) attend 30 minute weekly lessons, Intermediate students require 45 minute weekly lessons and Advanced students 60 minute weekly lessons. 

Students may increase if their level of skill and program goals allow, at the discretion of their instructor and based on their program goals.  

Students are expected and required to maintain consistent home practice as part of their instrumental training. Instrumental lessons are a discipline of delayed gratification which means that students will progress and enjoy their lessons the more consistently they practice. 

A generally guideline for beginner students is that they should practice their music each day for the same amount of time they receive their lessons (This will increase for advanced students). That being said, practice lengths are a guideline only as we encourage and teach our students to have goal-oriented practice when they are at home.

Ideally students should practice at the same time each day so that making music becomes a part of their daily routine. 

Yes, students require an instrument to be able to participate in instrumental lessons. Students will meet with their instructor in their lesson each week to learn new concepts and skills. From there, students will be assigned music and exercises to practice at home each day to refine their skills and internalize their understanding. 

Having their own instrument therefore is crucial to their enjoyment and success. 

There are many options for rental or purchase of instruments in the city at several different price points, and during your initial consultation with our administrative team can share further details. 

Schedule and Registration FAQ’s

Registration is ongoing throughout the year based on instructor availability. Since our instrumental programs are all private training, students can begin at any point in the school year or summer months. 

Each year we offer priority registration for our current students for the upcoming school year. Following this, we open our wait list and sibling registration followed by open registration for all new families.

Our programs are all based around private instruction, which means that students are all placed individually with the instructor that we feel will best suit their needs.

When you have completed your registration form, a member of our administrative team will contact you directly to learn more about your background and goals and then offer available lesson times accordingly. 

Our studio calendar runs through the academic school year (September-June), with optional summer lessons.

Students register for the entire school year at the time of registration, or for the remainder of the school year if a student begins after the school year has begun.

Students learn to play a musical instrument much in the same way they learn to speak a language, which means that the mindset needed for success is one of long-term commitment. No matter the goals of each student, we encourage families of students to understand the daily home practice commitment and understand the process of learning an instrument.