FREE Colour-In Sheets for Music Practice

Watching My Good Habits Grow

Colouring sheets for music practice? Yes! These colouring pages are for young students to track their home practice. With every practice, they get to colour one item on the page! Choose from butterflies, balloons or cartoons.

“Repetition is the mother of all skill!”

Want to watch your good habits grow? These children’s colouring sheets are perfect for music practice, and allow a visual goal to attach to any skill students are building.

Set a goal, then repeat! Each repetition interval (every single time, every 5 times, 10 times, you decide!) you get to colour in an item on your sheet.

Watch how your skills build in relation to the work you put into it. Save it in a collection to look back next time you feel like a new goal is daunting. 

Have an older student who may have outgrown these colouring sheets? You can also use a our Free Habit Tracker to journal your progress too!

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