Caden Gedlaman

Student Spotlight: Caden Gedlaman

When did you begin learning the piano?
September 2016

What is something that you love about music?
The way the sound makes you feel. Connection emotionally to the song.

What have you learned about yourself through your music lessons? 
I learned that I can achieve success that I never thought I could before taking music lessons. It was helpful to have a teacher to help me set goals and timelines so that I could learn songs at a really fast pace.

What is your happiest memory that involves music?
I attended a family reunion when I was 6. It seemed as though music brought everyone together. It didn’t matter that we all had different interests, in that moment we were all connected through music enjoying each others company. The song that stood out for me was “I gotta feeling” by the black eyed peas.

Why do you think music is important?
Music is important because it brings people together, reinforces traditions and values. I also enjoy the sense of calm when I am playing piano by myself.

Name one musical goal you would like to achieve:
I would like to get to become more independent and eventually produce my own songs.

“I’m very proud of the progress Caden’s making, his patience and dedication- especially with significant improvements in his sight reading. Caden often brings pieces he wants to play to class, and I’m so glad he loves music, it shows in everything he plays!”
– Rachel Kreyner, Caden’s Piano Instructor