Director Carmen Morin and Coimbra Piano Duo Performing in Jack Singer Concert Hall, April 5th 2020

Carmen Morin and Dr. Lana Henchell (Coimbra Piano Duo)

Coimbra Piano Duo (Carmen Morin and Dr. Lana Henchell)

April 5th, 2:30pm

Jack Singer Concert Hall

Calgary Civic Symphony

Join the Beethoven birthday celebrations with his heroic 3rd Symphony—the “Eroica.” The Coimbra Piano Duo (Carmen Morin and Lana Henchell), Calgary’s award-winning piano duo team, play Poulenc’s brilliant and jovial Concerto for Two Pianos. The program opens with Arthur Bachmann’s musical tribute to Ted and Lola Rozsa, whose incredible generosity has contributed so much to Calgary’s music scene.

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