Alex Dong

Congratulations to student Alex Dong, who has been accepted to Yale University!

Best wishes to you as you embark on this next chapter ?

Student Spotlight: Alex Dong

Current age: 16

Teachers: Carmen Morin and Geoff Wilson

When did you begin learning your instrument, and how many years did you study?
I began to learn the piano at the age of 5 and completed RCM Level 10 Piano by the age of 14. I have continued playing the piano at my local senior’s home every weekend as a volunteer musician to maintain my piano skills and to give back to my community.

What did learn about yourself through your music?
I discovered a passion for music at the Morin Music Studio that I will undoubtedly carry throughout my life. To me, music is a unique experience that provides me with a sense of inner serenity as well as an outlet for melodic expression. Two of my favourite pieces, Ballade pour Adeline by Paul de Senneville and Who’ll Win the Argument by Kabalevsky, are such works that demonstrate different facets of music that I thoroughly enjoy.

What do you feel were the biggest lessons that studying music taught you?
I learned to persevere tirelessly throughout an extended period of time, a virtue which has served me in the past and will continue to benefit me in the future. I also learned the value of sharing music—it’s something that can be spread to brighten up the lives of others. Performing at a senior’s home over several years has created a sense of fulfillment by making a difference, and I know that music will continue to serve as a platform of growth and discovery in the next chapters of my life.

Carmen Morin and Dr. Geoff Wilson

“I am so proud to have been a part of Alex’s growth and development as an artist and musician. I am most happy to know that after completing his Grade 10 piano he continues to share his music regularly in the community, and that his lessons and training have set him on a path to enjoy making music throughout his life.”
– Carmen Morin, Alex’s Piano Instructor